Smith-Lemli-Opitz Research

The SLO | RSH Foundation believes in funding research that moves us closer to understanding the nuances of SLOS, providing new treatments for those affected, and ultimately finding a cure for this rare genetic syndrome.

The deadline for submitting research grant applications is Feb 15th of each year. We are currently accepting applications to be considered for the 2017 calendar year’s funding.

Please review the Grant Application Guidelines and submit your request to the address contained therein.

Upon receipt of the application, it will be distributed to the Medical Advisory Board for review. The Board of Directors will then make a decision based on their own review and the advisement of the Medical Advisory Board. Thank you for your interest in research. The families truly appreciate it!

For questions, please contact:

Smith-Lemli-Opitz | RSH Foundation
c/o Gretchen Noah
P.O. Box 10598
Fargo, ND  58106-0598

Phone: 701-367-1976