Ways to help when it matters most

Extended Family
Ways to Help

Transform your real desire to help into real support for your family living with Smith-Lemli-Opitz.
SLO Family of young men
Help. Support. Inspire hope.

Making life easier

We know you want to make life easier for family members living with Smith-Lemli-Opitz. Let us help you transform real desire into real support.

Below are ideas of some ways you can help and support your family as they navigate life with Smith-Lemli-Opitz.

Ways to Help

Donate to the Smith-Lemli-Opitz Foundation to support family programs

Donations to the Foundation help all our families equally as our programs are here for everyone. For $250 (or more) you gift families with the priceless value of network support.

Sponsor your family to attend an SLOS Family Medical Conference

You can help your family attend a valuable and supportive
SLOS Family Medical Conference.
Give • $250 • $500 • $750 • or $1,000 to get them there!

Host a fundraiser for the Foundation

Your support of the Smith-Lemli-Opitz Foundation enables it to continue its support of your family through its network, education opportunities, and research funds.

Send a Welcome Packet

Purchase a welcome packet for $100 and have it sent from the Foundation to your family. This special care package will warmly welcome them on this journey.