Contact Lists

SLOS Foundation

Gretchen Noah
President, Treasurer and Board Member

Mandy Black
Vice-President and Board Member

Kate Duren
Director of Media Relations and Board Member

Kathy Proudfoot
Director of Global Relations and Research

Kelly Noah
Board Member

Geneva Duren
Board Member


Medical Specialists

Dr. Elaine Tierney
Director of the Autism Metabolic Research Program, Kennedy Krieger Institute

Dr. Mira Irons
Chief, Clinical Genetics

Dr. Richard Kelley
Kennedy Krieger Institute

Dr. Robert Steiner
Executive Director-Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation

Ms Beth Solomon
Speech Language Pathologist

Rebecca Kern, MGC, CGC
Genetic Counselor

Dr John M. Opitz
Medical Genetics, Counseling

Dr. Ellen R Elias
Pediatrics, Developmental Disorders

Dr. Forbes (Denny) Porter
National Institutes of Health – Dr. Simona Bianconi

Dr. M. Nowaczyk
Clinical Genetics

Dr. Marvin Natowicz

Prof. Peter Clayton

Clinics | Resources

Behavior Management Clinic (BMC)
Kennedy Krieger Institute

Pediatric Feeding Disorders Clinic
Kennedy Krieger Institute

Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program
Marcus Autism Center